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Carter Eckl

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Broadcast Journalism

West Virginia University

Temple University

East Carolina University

Seminar Courses Available to lower division 

Yes; becomes Pre-Journalism



Additional Requirements for Major 

Students are required to have 500 or more column inches of writing published in the campus or off campus news media

Students are required to complete 124-126 semester hours of course work


Space In Course Plan for Other Courses 

Yes; School offers minors and double majors

Yes; School offers both minors and double majors

Yes: School offers both minors and double majors

Likelihood to Graduate In 4 Years 

33%; will most likely need 5th year

Unable to find

64% graduate in 4 years

Honors Track or Other Programs

Pre-Journalism for those that didn’t qualify to get into journalism school. If student scores well enough

Masters program for two different types of degrees

For seniors who have maintained a 3.5 GPA

Areas of specialty: department’s strength?

One of only 107 schools in the nation to receive a unanimous full reaccreditation on education in journalism and mass communications.

Rated as one of the top 10 schools of communication

Rated as one of the top 10 Broadcast Journalism schools

Degree Years

4 years

4 years

4 years

Many new faculty or primarily older?

Primarily young but experienced faculty

Older professor who have graduated from mostly ivy-league schools such as Harvard

Primarily younger teachers who are said to have more spirit but different types of classes than what you may be used to

Course instructors/ average size of classes

23:1 Majority are full time professors, very few TA’s



Names of professors most closely linked to area of interest

Maryanne Reed

Tori Arthur

Joel Beeson

Renee Hobbs

Amy Caples

Tom Allen

(ECU's staff is extremely hard to find....anywhere)

Major publications

Reed: Created schools partnership with KDKA news. Made an Emmy award winning documentary on cancer patients

Arthur: Joined a satellite news station providing coverage to more than 100 local news stations

Beeson: Produced and Directed an award winning documentary “Fighting on two fronts: African Americans in WW2”

Hobbs: In 1995 won Parents choice award and golden cable ACE award for “Tuning into media”

Caples: Co-Anchor for CBS for six years

Allen: Professor information is lacking tremendously

How often do they actually teach?


Hobbs: Office hours 11-12 on Tuesday by appointment (really?)

Allen: MWF multiple classes between 8am-2:30pm

Major prizes/ awards?

Reed: Won an Emmy directing a movie about cancer patients

Hobbs: Co-founder of AMLA Alliance for a Media Literate America

Caples: Emmy nominated reporter

Allen: Professor information is lacking tremendously

What students say

“I graduated with a degree in Public Relations; I found the Journalism school to be a great place to learn.”-Anonymous

Hobbs: “She is an amazing teacher. Everyone in my class loved her. She expects a lot from her students but it's so rewarding! She is what higher education is all about. Take her if you are serious about a future in communications. She is very smart and you will learn a tremendous amount. She's my favorite professor ever!!!”

Caples: I was originally afraid of this class. Amy reassured me that it would be helpful for my future career. Her tips, advice and stories helped make the class enjoyable. I learned so much from her. She responds to e-mails fast, is always available to chat and is easily approachable...if you treat her and her class with respect.”

Allen: Very nice guy. Has had a lot of experience in the Public Relations world, really knows what he is talking about. Just go to class, pay attention to what he says and take notes, and you should do well on the tests. Don't forget to read the articles, very important. Can go to for help at anytime.


Of these three Universities i would have to choose the University of West Virginia because its program fits exactly what i am trying to accomplish in college. WVU has very well received professors who have great reviews and seem to actually care about what they are teaching in the classroom. The University of West Virginia has the most successful program out of the three that I had researched. The University of West Virginia may have the biggest class sizes out of the three but the teachers seem to be the most dedicated to what they are teaching. The professors from West Virginia are also the most accomplished as well. Many have written books or made movies and they have even had some that have won Emmy's. The University of West Virginia is also the best type of environment as well. Temple University is the 4th biggest school in the nation and unless I went directly into the broadcast journalism program I would have ended up in classes with 200 to 300 kids. Broadcast journalism is a very broad topic as well. There are many fields which one could enter after graduating college with this as your major. The University of West Virginia has on of the highest rated programs when students graduate and go into a Sports Broadcasting career. With sports broadcasting as my main focus the University of West Virgina best suits my overall needs.





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